Monday, September 29, 2008

One hour in the yard = 2.5 full yard bins


This is what discourages me about improving the yard. The clean up process is so much work, and so little fun; I'm remembering why I've never gotten very far in the past. I just spent less than an hour in the back yard, cleaning up stray blackberry vines and raking up dried up grass and weeds. We have three big yard waste bins that get picked up weekly - I filled up three of them, and at a glance, there's absolutely no difference. At this rate, I won't get to do any actual renovation in yard renovation month...

But, fortunately, the bins get picked up on Wednesday and the "lawn" rake up materials are much more compressible than the brambles. So tomorrow, I'll fill up the last bin, and start again after trash pick-up on Wednesday.

On the plus side, today is a very good day to not work for a bank anymore... That's worth celebrating.

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