Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Admitting defeat and moving forward anyway

Avoiding the parking strip today; apparently I have a very short attention span, at least when it comes to back-spasm-triggering hard work.

So my grand plan when I first starting thinking about the yard was to strip out all existing grass and weeds before planting clover seeds to replace the "lawn." Turns out that lacking a tractor, that's really hard. I was reading different accounts of starting a clover lawn online, and the consensus seems to be that starting a clover-only lawn from scratch is really hard. So I decided to cheat, and just over-seed the existing lawn with clover seeds.

Everything I've read about the clover seeds says that because the seeds are tiny, they should be mixed with some other medium. Since this was a spur of the moment seeding experiment, I just mixed the seeds in with some potting soil I had in the shed. The seeds are tiny; when I scooped up a handful, I ended up with little lines of seeds under each fingernail. My first plan was to put the soil-seed combo in the little hand-held, crank-operated seed spreader thing that the previous owners left behind, but it didn't like the texture of the soil. So I dug up a little trowel (also left behind by the previous owners) and just scattered soil-seeds. I focused mainly on the spots of bare dirt, but also threw some in amongst the grass that's coming back. I followed nothing resembling a logical patterns, and probably missed huge swatches of the yard, but oh well. Haphazard, right? Then I went over most of the spots with scattered seeds with a little more soil and gently showered it all with a little water.

My big concerns are that the bare spots are part of Pace's frequent laps around the yard, and that he'll just tear the seeds up, or that the blue jays that hang out will eat all the seeds. But since this is more or less an experiment, I'm not really that concerned. And if it seems like it works, I'll go over the area a couple more times to thicken up the clover patches. Maybe I'll take it out on the parking strip too. For beneath the thyme.

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